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4 Benefits of Regular Oil Changes

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4 Benefits of Regular Oil Changes

If you’re not a mechanic and don’t know a lot about car engines, you may wonder whether changing your oil regularly is just one of those maintenance myths that you’re told to do but can actually get away with skimping on, like flossing your teeth twice a day.  You may not feel like spending the time or money to get it changed and wonder if it even makes a difference.

But it turns out there are a few important reasons to take the time to get your oil changed.

 1. Improved Gas Mileage

Your engine is lubricated by the oil, and clean oil helps the engine to run cooler, and a cooler engine is more efficient.  Most people think that it’s just anti-freeze that cools your engine, but in actuality It takes both anti-freeze and clean oil.

 2. Lengthens the Engine Life

Oil changes help free the engine of dirt and debris, which allows the engine to spin more freely, therefore creating less friction so the engine doesn’t have to work as hard.  There is also less carbon build up when you change your oil regularly, which is easier on the engine.

 3. Protection of Other Car Parts

Clean oil protects the car’s moving parts.  Engine oil will lubricate the crank shaft and the connecting rods which control the pistons that go up and down.  It also lubricates the cylinder walls, which allow the rings to build up better compression.  It lubricates the camshaft, which is the valve train that opens and closes the engine tank and exhaust valves.  It also lubricates the timing chain on most cars, unless it’s a belt-driven car.

4. Prevents Car From Failing Emissions Test

Dirty oil causes hydrocarbons to build up in the crank case, which then is vented through the PCV circuit and allows the intake to burn those hydrocarbons.  The emissions levels can raise if the oil is dirty.

Oil changes are also an opportunity to have other parts of your car inspected, detecting potential problems that might otherwise go unnoticd.  Since very few people go to full-service gas stations, maintenance such as belts, hoses and fluid levels often go unchecked.

Bottom line?  Scheduling oil changes at regular intervals will save you time and money in the long run and will help maintain the life of your car’s engine.

For information about oil changes or other car maintenance, please contact Keith’s Car Care, located in Oswego, IL

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