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Belts, Bearings & Seals

Belts & Hoses

Replacement of belts and hoses is done primarily for maintenance when they are showing signs of wear such as cracking or dry rotting. It is much more convenient to replace these before they break and avoid the need for an expensive tow.

The serpentine belt is the exception to this guideline. It powers the water pump, alternator and power steering (as well as some accessories), so when it breaks, none of these systems in the vehicle will work. It is recommended to replace it every 4-5 years or every 50,000 miles to prevent costly repairs.

Bearings & Seals

Are you hearing strange noises? When bearings wear out, you will hear unfamiliar noises. Seals leak when they are in need of replacement. There is no suggested service interval for bearings and seals, but they can often be detected through a test drive or preventative safety inspection. This inspection is included with every oil change service performed at Keith’s Car Care. Do not ignore recommended replacement of these parts, or it will likely cause more expensive repair of larger components in the vehicle.


“You always take great care of my car and you call a few days later to make sure every this is working good. and if there is a problem I know I can call and you will take care of it right a way. Thank You!”

– Gloria G. Yorkville