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How Often Should I Change My Oil?

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How Often Should I Change My Oil?

The old adage used to say to change your oil every 3 months or every 3,000 miles, whichever came first.  Today’s engines, however, are built to be higher performing.  This has increased the oil’s ability to lubricate and reduce the amount of heat that engines generate.

The cost of this, however, is that the oil breaks down much more quickly.  To reconcile this, manufacturers created a synthetic blend of oil that handles heat better.  When an engine fires, carbon builds up and causes oil to darken more quickly.

So with today’s standards, you can get your oil changed every 4 months or 4500 miles or every 6 months or 7500 miles, depending on whether it’s synthetic or conventional oil.  If you are using standard, conventional oil, it will probably be closer to 4 months, and the synthetic oils tend to last longer, closer to 6 months or 7500 miles.

It is important to use whatever type of oil the manufacturer recommends for your car, whether conventional or synthetic.

Synthetic oil is made out of a synthetic product.  Conventional oil is made out of a petroleum-based product.  Additives are added to both types of oil to help them dissipate heat and extend the life of the oil.

Oil Change Vs. Oil Flush

An oil change is removing the drain plug and allowing the oil to drain through gravity from the bottom of the crank case.  An oil flush is when a mechanic adds an additive to the engine so that it breaks down sediments and carbon build-up from the upper end and upper valve train

Most people don’t do oil flushes regularly.  There are some cars in which a flush is recommended, based on patterns failures with valve trains.  For most cars, however, an oil change is usually enough to keep the oil valve clean as long as they are at regular intervals.

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