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Driving Tips to Increase Gas Mileage

Driving Tips to Increase Gas Mileage

  • Plan your trip wisely.  If you need to go several places, plan a route that allows you to run your errands efficiently and in one trip
  • Carpool whenever possible or practical
  • Avoid quick stops and starts.  Aggressive driving can dramatically lower your fuel savings
  • Anticipate merging traffic and stoplights, smooth acceleration and deceleration will aid in fuel economy
  • Listen to the radio for suggested routes around congested areas when traveling
  • Eliminate excessive warm up time- modern engines do not require it
  • Don’t idle your engine for long periods of time.  If you need to leave the car or wait for a long time, turn the engine off
  • Drive within the recommended speed limit- you won’t get a speeding ticket and you will save fuel
  • When driving the freeway in a new car with aerodynamic design, close the windows and turn on the air conditioning if necessary
  • If driving an older car with insufficient air conditioning, use the ventilation system and close the windows, temperature permitting
  • Don’t carry excessive weight in the trunk

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