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Illinois Emissions Systems Repair

In Illinois, some vehicles are required to have an emissions test at a state test center before the license plates will be renewed for that year. The purpose of these tests, particularly in older cars, is to test for harmful emissions (gases) that may be entering the environment. If a vehicle doesn’t pass this test, repairs will be needed at a qualified repair center. Keith’s Car Care can perform those repairs so that your vehicle will pass the test and you can keep on driving it.

How do you know if this may be a problem? If your check engine light is on in the vehicle, that is the first indication of a problem. There are over 50 reasons that your check engine (SES) light may be on. Typically, your vehicle will not pass if the light is on or has been turned off.

Stop by 78 Stonehill Rd, Oswego, today and we will scan your check engine light for free. If your vehicle has an emissions code, you can schedule an appointment to have the necessary repairs done before your license plates need to be renewed.


“You always take great care of my car and you call a few days later to make sure every this is working good. and if there is a problem I know I can call and you will take care of it right a way. Thank You!”

– Gloria G. Yorkville