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Why Do I Need to Replace the Air Filter in my Car?

Why do I need to replace the cabin air filter in my car?

The cabin air filter in your car serves a similar purpose to the furnace filter in your home.  Its’ job is to remove pollen and dust, as well as diesel soot and gaseous substances such as sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxides or hydrogen sulfides from the air that enters the vehicle so it does not effect the air we breathe.

There are two basic types of cabin air filters- pollen, which should be changed every two years and carbon which should be changed annually.  Your owners’ manual or technician will be able to determine which filter your vehicle uses- some vehicles have more than one.  The rule of thumb is that if light can still pass through the filter, it can still be used.  However, once it becomes filled with debris, it should be changed.

If you choose not to replace this filter, it can become a source for breeding bacteria and allergens and also puts additional stress on the HVAC (air conditioning) system in the vehicle since the air flow would be restricted.

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