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How to Sell Your Used Car Quickly and Conveniently in Oswego IL

sell your used carHow to Sell Your Used Car Quickly and Conveniently?

Do you have a used car to sell quickly, but don’t want the hassle of posting an ad and having potential buyers contact you and try to negotiate a lower price?  Look no more, there is a better way to sell that vehicle!

Keith’s Car Care offers a vehicle consignment service that will meet your car selling needs.

How does it work?

Bring us your used vehicle and we will walk you through the process.  You should also bring the owners manual, service records, title and all keys.  For $250 (paid when the vehicle is sold), we will perform a 51 point safety inspection and advise you of any concerns.  Next, we will look up the Kelly Blue Book price for the year/make/model of your vehicle.  We will discuss this with you and arrive at a selling price that you are comfortable with.  You will then sign a simple contract, which allows us to sell the vehicle on consignment for you.  At this point, you can leave knowing that Keith’s Car Care will handle the transaction with their 30 years of automotive experience.


  • We detail the interior of the vehicle and wash the exterior as part of the service.  This allows potential customers to see it in the best condition possible.
  • We post the vehicle on Craig’s List with our contact information so potential customers aren’t calling you day and night.
  • We show the vehicle to potential clients and negotiate the best possible selling price.  Depending on the vehicle, this can happen in a few days or may take a few months.  Our best selling successes are in the $2000-$5000 price range.
  • When an offer is received, you will speak with one of our staff and decide if it is an offer you are willing to accept or not.  There is no risk- the decision is yours.  We will advise you if we feel a price adjustment may be needed.  Once you accept an offer we will remove your license plates and handle all aspects of the selling process.  We then contact you to come in and pick up your license plates and your payment.
  • The final step for you is to remove the vehicle sold from your insurance and IPass account.

The best part is that you can use our consignment service to purchase a vehicle as well.  We have a representative who regularly attends local auto auctions to look for vehicles customers are in the market for.

Why wait to sell your used car?  Call Keith’s Car Care today at (630) 554-8911 and set up an appointment to have us inspect your used vehicle and help you sell it quickly and conveniently. 

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“You always take great care of my car and you call a few days later to make sure every this is working good. and if there is a problem I know I can call and you will take care of it right a way. Thank You!”

– Gloria G. Yorkville