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Tires, Brakes & Suspension

Wheel Alignment

The alignment of the vehicle affects tire wear and the handling of the vehicle. It can be out of “spec” by gravity, driver error and road conditions. If your steering wheel is not straight or if your car pulls, you probably need a wheel alignment.

Brake Repair Service

The brakes of your car are one of the most important systems in it.  They allow you to stop the vehicle and not cause injury to yourself or others. The braking system of a vehicle is composed of pads (standard or ceramic), rotors or drums, calipers, hardware and the emergency brake.  There are brake lines filled with brake fluid that keeps the entire system operating according to the manufacturers specifications.

Pads and rotors are measured with a micrometer to determine if they have a safe amount of material left on them.  (These specifications are determined by the government)  Rotors can sometimes be resurfaced if there is enough material left, otherwise replacement is needed.

Suspension System

The components of the suspension system in your vehicle (shocks, struts and springs) directly affect the comfort of the driver and the passengers in the car. They also affect the ability to stop the vehicle. If these components are worn, it can increase your stopping distance up to 20% and the tires will also wear out more quickly.

Like your shoes, these wear out gradually so you may not notice a change right away. It is always best to have those parts inspected when your car is in for regular service and our service advisors can inform you of any replacement needs.



“You always take great care of my car and you call a few days later to make sure every this is working good. and if there is a problem I know I can call and you will take care of it right a way. Thank You!”

– Gloria G. Yorkville