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Top 11 Ways to Save Gas and Money

ways to save gasTop 10 Ways to Save Gas

With today’s high gas prices, it is worth it to take a few minutes and make minor adjustments to your vehicle or your driving habits that will help improve your gas mileage.

  1. Keep tires properly inflated- the proper PSI is listed in the owners manual and usually on the inside panel of the drivers door
  2. Perform regular tune-ups- your technician can advise you of the recommended service intervals, often at 100,000 miles
  3. Replace air filters regularly- an air filter is designed to remove dirt, allergens and debris from getting into the engine compartment.  If you cannot see light passing through this filter, it needs to be replaced.  This is very similar to the furnace filter in your home
  4. Change oil regularly- every 3,000 miles (most vehicles), if your vehicle uses synthetic oil, usually every 4,5000 miles (sometimes more).  The oil level should still be checked at every gasoline fill up as well
  5. Replace spark plugs regularly- this can be included in the tune up, but may be needed sooner in some vehicles
  6. Observe the speed limits
  7. Combine trips to avoid unnecessary driving
  8. Don’t haul unneeded items (your car trunk was not intended to be long term storage for personal belongings)
  9. Avoid quick starts and stops
  10. Avoid excessive idling
  11. Keep gas cap tight

With just a few simple adjustments to your routine and by paying special attention to your car’s scheduled service intervals, you can plan on saving more of your hard earned money and spending less at the pumps.

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