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What is a Tune Up?

If you’ve been driving for any considerable amount of time you’ve most likely heard the phrase ‘a tune-up’ in regards to a vehicle.

What exactly is a tune-up?

Simply put, it’s a way to update a few systems in your car to make sure they’re running efficiently. A standard tune-up will address 3 things:

  • Air-Nobody likes dirty air. Neither does your vehicle.  Change your air filter and the vehicle will perform better!
  • Fuel-clean fuel will make your engine happier. A new fuel filter will do the trick!
  • Spark-Good luck starting a fire with damp matches. Spark plugs give ignite the air and fuel and make the vehicle go. Make sure you’ve got adequate firing power with spark plug replacement!

Check out this quick video where Geoff Topps answers the question, “What is a tune-up?”

If you have questions about tune ups or anything else related to your vehicle, please visit Keith’s Car Care at 78 Stonehill Road in Oswego, Il or call us at 630-554-8911.


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